What is BIM Execution Plan? (BEP/BXP)

bim execution plan bep bxp

The development of technology affects every field positively. As technology develops, the use of digital platforms increases and new software emerges. With this software, individuals and companies both accelerate their business processes and manage the whole process much easier. For example, when we consider architectural projects, BIM software comes into play. So, what is BIM? In short, BIM is a process where all stakeholders can have a say in the design and construction stages of architectural projects, and projects can be handled in 3D, and it is one of the greatest conveniences that technology offers us. It is software that is used in many countries today, and its use is increasing day by day in Turkey. 

The BIM execution plan is beneficial to its users. It speeds up the business process. With BIM, employees can communicate with each other. In short, BIM can be considered as an information management system beyond architectural software.

Pre-Contract and Post-Contract BEP

BIM is data from multiple disciplines that create detailed digital representations managed on an open cloud platform to enable real-time collaboration. With BIM, users gain higher visibility, better decision-making, more sustainable options, and massive cost savings on their projects. With BIM, you can plan the project you want to build and create models. You can perform the concept design, analysis, detailing, and documentation for the planned project and start the pre-construction process. 

Before proceeding to all these stages, there is a process applied for those who want to benefit from BIM software. There is a BIM Execution Plan that defines the information modeling and execution processes in BIM projects. It can also be called a primary document about the project. 

The BIM execution plan has some contribution to the project process. BIM Execution Plan defines the entire setup of the work to be delivered in the project and makes the process easier to manage. In short, it also prevents confusion and conflict in advance. The BIM Execution Plan has a due date. There are two deliveries in the BIM Execution Plan, pre-contract and post-contract. 

The pre-contract BEP is defined as a document that measures the competence and perspective of the companies that bid on the project and the employer. In addition, the post-contract BEP is a document that allows the companies receiving the job to identify it. 

This status needs to be updated on how they will do the job and possible revisions throughout the project. This plan/document is not prepared by a person or company, but by the supply chain that bids for the tender or will do the work.

What Are The Advantages Of BEP?

The BIM execution plan contributes to the project process. It defines in advance the entire setup of the work to be delivered in the project. This defined setup enables the process to be managed. Everything goes step-by-step confusion is avoided.

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