The benefits of BIM: Considering Project Budget Across the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is more than creating a digital representation of construction projects. The process that allows project teams to connect model, data, and workflow during the construction project lifecycle with real-time collaboration is BIM itself.

BIM enables teams to reduce project cost and wasted resources and materials with fluid communication across departments and construction site, better coordination, unambiguous progress monitoring and consistent data management throughout all project phases.

Planning Phase

Better forecasting is one of the benefits of BIM in project planning and scheduling phase.

  • Eliminate schedule setbacks before it reaches a critical stage, save time and money
  • Reduce the time of project cycles
  • Prevent construction rework, failing to complete a project within budget and on-time

Design Phase

  • Provide a process for management of design and document revisions
  • Adopt to new information on site conditions and revisions
  • Provide a better control over decisions around design execution and prevent rework in construction stage
  • Reduce paperwork

Construction Phase

Main advantage of BIM in construction phase is the collaboration between all stakeholders. Project team spent their time for rework and transferring data for reporting process. 49% of project teams are transferring data manually, which results in lost information and waste of time (JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report 2020). BIM adoption reduces labor costs spent on documentation work and miscommunications.

  • Plan delivery of materials effectively
  • Avoid conflict on the construction site with virtual design
  • Manage the versioning of documents, designs, and plans
  • Provide consistent data and reduce documentation errors
  • Increase productivity with prefabrication
  • Reduce project duration by preventing rework
  • Reduce overall variations, insurance cost, claims and mitigation
  • And thus, reduce overall project cost

BIMCRONE creates a digital twin of construction projects but not limited with a digital representations of construction site. It also enables project teams to integrate data and workflow with 3D model for real-time collaboration and better coordination. All stakeholders can monitor onsite progress, manage subcontractors, documentation, and reporting progress, and avoid data loss. Real-time collaboration in management process allows project teams to have consistent and accurate data throughout construction phases, minimize delays, rework, and provides cost and resource savings at plan, design, build and operation stages of a project.

To learn more about BIMCRONE and how it can help you optimize your construction process, please contact us!