BIMCRONE attended 6th UNECE International PPP Forum

The 6th UNECE International PPP Forum will showcase how its People-first PPP approach in support of the SDGs is contributing to the work of the international community to scale-up and implement such vital infrastructure projects.

Nesrin Akın Öztabak, CEO of BIMCRONE, attended the 6th UNECE International PPP Forum as a keynote speaker. The panel was organized by United Nations Europe Economic Forum.

Experts and practitioners from a wide range of sectors attended the forum held at IESE Business School Barcelona to implement sustainable projects for people and the world.

On May 6, the last day of the panel, Nesrin Akın Öztabak successfully delivered a speech on the importance of digitalization in terms of world resources in the construction sector and in the construction sector.

As BIMCRONE, we are happy to participate in this event, which offers the opportunity to listen to very valuable speakers and exchange ideas for a construction sector that does less harm and is more efficient, and to be part of the transformation of a sector that is very big, very powerful, and so damaging to our world, such as the construction sector.