How BIM Can Help In Project Management? Building Information Modeling For Project Managers

bim in project management

Technological developments seriously affect the business process. Individuals, companies, and more people do extensive research to save both time and space, and immediately start using the application that will benefit them. This situation is the same in every business sector. For example, when we consider the construction industry, BIM software comes to mind first. It has benefits for companies, engineers, contractors, and many others related to the industry. BIM has been used not only as a model design tool, but also as a file-sharing tool for collaboration among geographically separated team members to achieve a common project goal.

Managing projects is much easier with BIM. At the center of coordination and management, is a Project Manager as the traditional executive of the project. This manager is usually in a central location and takes care of the whole process. Project management with BIM is much more effortless than the traditional method. The Project Manager uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the project to coordinate and align the activities of team members and other project participants in the field. BIM Project Management has many benefits to the process.

Project Management Improvements That BIM Offers

The benefits of BIM to its users are many. It is used more than traditional methods. For example, BIM enables people who are involved in the project in the construction industry, who have time and spatial differences, and who are members of the main employer or subcontractor, to work through a common platform. BIM should be preferred so that the business process does not go through any tabs and the process is managed healthily. Before the project starts, all the targeted things are reinforced with BIM communication networks.

Changes made on the project were at risk of being lost in traditional methods, but they can be stored on a common platform with BIM project management and are visible to everyone. Unexpected results can occur when the operations made by drawing on paper in traditional methods are put into practice from the real area. With BIM you can see in 3D and remove inappropriate things from the project before it is implemented in real life. With BIM, you can work on the project and generate ideas outside of working hours without having to worry about time.

usage of bimcrone in project management

The Potential Of BIM In Project Management

BIM is an application/platform/software that should always be used by project managers to improve communication, coordination, and collaboration in projects. It shows its importance day by day, as it enables the people working on the project to take an active role and benefits every person. BIM emphasizes the importance of collaborative work. At the same time, it is used more and more in the sector every day because it emphasizes the low cost and the insignificance of the concept of time.

BIMCRONE is a solution that provides service at BIM Level 3, with the ability to access the digital contents of the building from a single environment. With its mobile version, it allows instant reception of construction site data and integration of all data with cloud infrastructure. It allows all users, from the construction site to the technical office, from the contractor to the top management, to access the same data with different authorities.

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