Custom Set

Select your IFC element.

  • Click the “Custom Set” button on the right click.

  • In the opened panel, enter the name in the “Custom Set Name” field.

  • Click “OK” to save.
      • You can view the created Custom Set list from the “Objects” menu.


      • When you click “Select Set”, the IFC Detail Panel opens on the right. You can add notes and documents of the set in the opened panel.


    • In the custom set panel, the elements that make up the set instead of the set can be selected with “Select Element”.
    • Click “New Note” to add a note.

    • Enter your grade and type of note in the panel that opens.

    • Click “Save” to save.
    • Click “Link Document” to add a docüment.
    • Enter document type summary and add document in the panel that opens.
    • Click “Save” to save.