Welcome Screen

  • You will take the first steps with the welcome screen that appears when you open the program.

  • The welcome screen consists of processes that will allow you to log in to the program.

  • New projects create in local with “Create New Project in Local”.

  • Load the project file in “crone” format with the “Import Local Project”.

  • With “Create New Project on Cloud”, project files are shared using cloud computing and collaboration on the project is provided.

Login Panel

    • Log in with the customer, username and password set for you.


  • After logging in, you can create a project.

Create New Project in Local

    • “Organization Name”“Project Name”“Architectural Data” fields are mandatory. Enter the relevant information in these fields.


    • Do not use signs like “! ^ – * & ^ + / _ #” while filling the “Organization Name, Projection Name” fields.


    • Upload the “Architectural Data” file in IFC format.


    • Note: You can select multiple IFC files at  and upload them the same time to  “Architectural Data” section. If you want to upload more than one IFC files, make sure your IFC files are in the same folder on the computer. Click for IFC Format
    • Open your new project by clicking the “Create” button.



Import Local Project

  • The projects you save in the program create a file with the extension “.crone”.

  • Run the file with “.crone” extension that you saved with “Import Local Project”.

Recent File

  • Recent Files are files that have been opened or edited in the recent past.

  • Projects are saved in “C:\Users\yourname\AppData\LocalLow\EpicroneTechnology\BimCrone\username” area on your computer.