• Click on the cubic shape

  • Filter the project by floor and element names.

  • You can filter by clicking on thecheck boxes”
  • You can adjust your light settings by clicking the bulb button.

  • You can adjust your “X, Y Rotation” settings with scrool.

  • Make your shadow and density settings.

  • Correct the coloring with “Color”.

  • Click “Save” to save the light settings you have made and save with a new name.
  • Click on the camera button

  • When you want to add a new camera angle, you can add it with the “Set” button.

  • You can save the name of the camera you have just added or the system will assign a name with the camera number.

  • When you click on a camera position set from any point, that angle is recalled.

  • You can switch to the first person view with the “FPS” button.

  First Person View

  • Pressing the First Person view button allows you to navigate inside. (“WSAD” keys move, “space” = Jump, normal camera mode with Esc, “R”= Reset )

  • You need to make settings in “Preferences” section to pass through windows. For this, check the “Prefences” page.

  • Click on the button in the form of sheet.

  • You can easily create reports from this area as it will be created from the Reports section in the menu bar.

  • Click “Reports” for detailed explanation.
  • Click on the button with the letter “G”

  • Create the tag and group list in here.

  • Click “NEW” on the left of the GROUP header on the screen that opens. You can create a list by entering the group name.

  • Click “NEW” to the left of the TAGS header and enter your Tag names.

  • Clicking a tag name or a group name will select all elements belonging to that group or tag
  • Click on the button with the letter “H”

  • In this panel, your hidden building elements are listed.

  • The construction element hiding process is performed with “Hide” in IFC Detail Panel.

  • By clicking the pencil icon, you can bring back the elements you have hidden.