Team Module

Registering Users to the Program

  • You can add users of your project from this panel.

  • Select the “Team” field from the Data menu.
    • With the “Update User List”, you can automatically add the users in the system to the list.


    • The panel consists of two parts. You can add suppliers and other users.


    • With “Add Site Responsible”, you can add the people responsible for the project and site users.


  • You can add the supplier company responsible information about the project with “Add Supplier”.

In the window that opens with “Add Supplier and Add Site Responsible”, you must enter the following information.

  • Name: User Name
  • e-mail: User e-mail
  • Group: You can choose Default or New Group.
  • New Group: You can choose the discipline for the user or save the discipline to which the user belongs.

You can see the saved user information in the list.


The first column contains the username, the second column contains the discipline, and the third column contains the mail information.


You can update the information with “Edit”.


Other fields other than the name in the supplier field are optional.