In the “Task” panel, you can save your project teams to the program and assign ıssue to team members.

Project Team:

Add your team members with “Add Site Responsible”
Record your name, surname, e-mail and department.
You can update your saved team members information with “Edit”
With the “Update User List”, you can load the list of team members saved in the program by default.



With “Add Supplier”, you can enter supplier information in your project.
You can register with your name, surname and e-mails.

  • With the “Issue List”, you can see all the tasks opened to the team members.

  • When you click on a task in the list, you can access detailed information about that task on the right panel.

With “Show My Issue Only”, you can list the tasks assigned to you as QA and assignee.

With “Open / Ongoing Issue”, you can list open and ongoing tasks.

With “Open Issue due Today”, you can list the tasks opened today.

With “Open Overdue Issue”, you can list overdue tasks.

You can sort the ıssue by creation, due date, and responsible people.

  • With “Issue Change”, you can list the changes in task statuses.

  • You can list the task status statuses from the “Issue From-To” field.

  • You can choose between certain dates and create a change list.