1. Subcontractor Module

  • In the Subcontractor menu, you can find registered companies and scopes owned by companies.

  • In addition, tools with which you can follow the development of subcontractors are presented in this menu.

1.1. Companies

  • Subcontractors created in this panel, users of these companies, work areas and supervisors are included.
  • When the select icon on the right of the panel is clicked, detailed information about the selected subcontractor is accessed.

How to add the document of the subcontractor company?

  • Select theDocument” field.
  • Click on “Add Document”
  • In the panel that opens, select the workscope to which you want to add the document.
  • Fill in the “Document type and Summary” fields.
  • Select the document you want to upload by clicking the icon in the “Path field”.
  • Save by clicking “Save”.
  • Saved documents are listed in the document field.
  • When the eye icon in the list is clicked, the added document opens.

How to create workscope in the project for subcontractors?



  • To add a building element to the scope defined for the subcontractor, select the relevant scope from the Scoped Works field.
  • Click “Edit Scope”.
  • Click “Open Advanced Selection Panel to Add Works To Scope” to add a building element.
  • From the “Advanced Search” panel that opens, use the filters to select the building elements by clicking the boxes.
  • Click “Accepted Selection” to save your selection.
  • Click “Confirm Addition” to confirm the selection and click “Confirm” to complete the process.


How to add the cost of the work to be done by the subcontractor companies?

  • Select the “Cost” field.
  • Select the related scope.
  • Click “Add New Cost”.
  • In the panel that opens, enter the relevant places.
  • Click “Save” to save.

How to add quantity to the selected subcontract scope ? 

  • Click on the “Quantity” field.
  • Select Scope.
  • Click “Add New Quantity”.
  • Fill in the relevant fields in the window that opens.
  • Click “Save” to save.

1.2. Progress

  • In this panel, you can filter and view the progress of the companies, the cost and quantity information, and the completed, in progress, on hold, and waiting works.
  • All Works: Lists all works belonging to the selected scope
  • Work Waiting My Response: Lists the works waiting approval in the program user
  • Works Awaiting Response: Lists works waiting approval
  • Works Require Revision: The works sent for approval by the subcontractor user and rejected by the administrator are listed.
  • Works Complated: Completed and approved works are listed. Progress payment can be calculated here.
  • Works In Progress: Work in progress is listed.
  • Works On Hold: Works whose status is “On Hold” are listed.
  • The listed data is exported with “Export to Excel”.

How is the payment calculated?

  • Progress progress is calculated for jobs whose status status is Done.
  • In the first step, the scope must be matched from the “AutoQty” field with the structure elements within the quantity scope defined.
  • Select the structural element from the All Work list or select the construction element by clicking the select icon in the “Scope” panel.
  • Click the “AutoQty” button.
  • Select the quantity item you defined in the panel that opens.
  • Select the calculation method according to volume, length, area or quantity from the Property field.
  • Assign scope and quantity to defined subwoks from the subwork field, or assign it to selected building elements.
  • Confirm with “Confirm”.
  • Calculate progress payment with “Start IPC Wizard” for completed works.
  • If the list format is not compatible with the IPC format, it will automatically convert the format with “Convert”.
  • Prompts you to enter IPC No when IPC is calculated
  • After presenting summary information containing the total cost, the IPC is created.
    Go to the created IPC from the menu “Subcontractor>Campanies>LAS(selected company)>Payment Cert.” field and you can view the details with the select icon.
  • In order to receive IPC, it is necessary to select the subcontractors and supervisors defined to the scope from the debug user panel.

1.3. Scopes

  • The scopes assigned to the companies created in the Scope menu, the job numbers of the scopes and the supervisors defined for their scope are listed.
  • With the select icon on the right of the lines, the building elements of the scope are selected on the project.
  • You can add quantity, subtask and change their status to these selected building elements from the right panel.
  • With “Isolate”, you can hide the struct elements outside the scope so that only the struct elements belonging to the scope are visible.