Schedule List

  • You can upload your schedule document prepared for your project in this area.

  • The end-start dates of each activity and how long it will last are shown in this table.

  • If you have not added the file in the program input, you can perform the import operation with the import located at the top right in this panel.

  • The export menu is available at the top right. It exports and a message is displayed on the screen about file registration information.

  • When you want to add a new activity, you can add it with the “+” in the top right panel.

  • Enter the unique number of your activity in the “Activity_ID” field. Enter your activity name in the “Description” field. Enter “Start Date” as activity start date and “End Date” activity end date.

  • In the window that opens, the mandatory fields are filled and you can save a new activity with “Save”.

  • If  you want to  update schedule data, click to “Edit”.