Robotics in Construction Industry

Robotics in Construction Industry​

Today, developments in robotics, software and technology cause the use of robotics in the construction industry.  Robotic technology provides many advantages to the construction industry. It is used to automate processes, increase productivity, perform works faster, cheaper and with precise details.

  One of the uses of robotics is to provide more automation in the various processes that take place in the process. In many areas of construction, traditional construction activities such as welding, material handling, packaging are expected to be fully automated with robotic technology.This prevents time and cost loss in construction processes.Also, with most fully automated robotic systems, production parts and materials are of higher quality.

  One of the first areas of use of robot technology in the construction industry is demolition. Given the number of current or newly completed construction projects, speeding up the demolition process as much as possible can save time and money. In steps such as breaking walls, breaking concrete or collecting debris, robotics makes this process more efficient.

  Finally, one of the most important movements in construction is lean construction. Lean construction aims to prevent waste, good process management and increase efficiency in the construction of structures. Traditional construction applications have significant waste generation, but robotic technology helps to reduce the amount of waste generated with the ability to ensure precision.