Recent construction technology trends

Recent construction technology trends​

 The rapid development of technology is felt in the construction sector just as it is felt in many areas, and the resulting development causes changes in the construction sector to occur along with it. The common goal of these changes is to address major problems in the construction sector. Examples of solutions include worker safety and time saving.
  So what kind of changes have been made in the construction sector recently ? Here are all the outlines of construction technology trends of recent times..

Construction Drones​

Construction and construction sector are among the most used sectors of unmanned aerial vehicles.Many of the building firms around the world now use drones to oversee their structures.To give an example of their use, to ensure the safety of workers (to prevent them from climbing high places, etc.). 
  It also saves time for the construction process. For example, while previously engineers could inspect the construction site in a matter of weeks, now they finish their inspection in just a matter of minutes.
  Thus, drones are one of the most important developments in the construction industry.

Building Information Modelling​

  BIM remains the star of recent times. In the years to come, BIM will contribute more to the construction process.To give an example, the revolution is expected to make construction projects more efficient and economical by adding sustainability and security measures.
  So BIM will forever be indispensable to construction projects.


  One report by the World Economic Forum predicted that 2020 could be the year of the robot in the construction industry.Robots do things such as laying roads, building demolitions, reducing human labor on construction sites to provide efficiency. While currently slower than human demolition teams, they are much safer and cheaper to demolish concrete structures at the end of their life cycle.
  Such technologies have only just begun to be used on construction sites because manual labor takes up a huge amount of space in the construction sector. In the future, robots will be more involved in construction sites than humans.

3D Printing

  Another recent technology is 3D printing. 3D printing has significant advantages in labor and material costs. It also reduces waste.
  According to 3D Natives “Construction giants are quickly realising the potential of of 3D technologies and their impact on the future of construction. The concrete 3D printing market is expected to reach $56.4m in 2021, and with good reason. More and more companies are starting up in the sector to create new, innovative projects. Some are more futuristic, some are very real in the present, such as Apis Cor’s 3D printed house in 24 hours. 3D concrete printing is developing rapidly and relies on different technologies and materials, offering many benefits to its users. The tech is still in its infancy however and is bound by current limitations.”

  These are the technological developments used in the construction sector of recent times. These developments are increasing day by day. Our wish is that these technological developments become advantageous in terms of protecting people’s safety and in terms of increasing the efficiency of projects.