Quantity Panel

    • After clicking an element, the “Quantity” button on the panel is pressed while it has information on the IFC detail panel.
    • In the table opened, we can see the quantity and cost information about this element and add new quantity item.

    • You can add quantity information for sub-finished tasks that add the ıfc element.
  • To add new quantity data, click “Add New” next to your finished item and ifc element on the right.

  • In the window that opens, select the quantity you want to add a new item. Click “Add” to select it.

  • Fill in the quantity data in the window that opens.

  • To add a quantity item that is not included in the table, you can add by going to “Data> Q.Breakdown List”. Then go back to the “Quantity Panel” to add this quantity item to your building(ıfc) element.