Quantity List

  • If no file is imported in to the database during creation or if you want to add bulk data, the import button on the top right section of the panel can be used.
  • A new amount can be added with the “+” button in the upper right corner.
    In order to add a new amount, “item_ıd,description, unit, cost item” fields should be filled in the opened window. Be sure to fill in the required fields and click “Save” to save.

  • You can export the information in the list by xls and csv format.

  • You can import the quantity information in the list by xlsx and csv format

  • Update your quantity data with “Edit”

Excel Format Content

– For Transfer in “.xlsx” Format:


    • Excel table cell headings should be “ItemID, WBSid, Description, Unit,”.


    • “ItemID, Description,Unit” fields are required.


    • The “ItemID” field must contain numbers only.


    • You can use specific signs such as “.,_;?” in the “Description” field.


    • Excel table may contain formulas. There is no problem in loading into the program.


    • You can upload the prepared excel file in “.xlsx” format to the program “Data or File > Import/Export”.



– For Transfer in “.csv” Format:


    • Prepare your Excel file according to the above-mentioned features.


    • Upload the prepared file to the program in CSV UTF-8 (Comma separated) format.