• You can color the building elements in your project with the “Color” panel.

  • When you select the “Color” panel, the color options are listed in the right panel.

  • First, you can select your building element and click on the corresponding color.


  • The notes panel opens when you click the “View Notes or Add Notes”

  • In this panel, a list of existing notes appears and there is a button for adding a new note.

  • Clicking on the existing notes opens the note panel and is reviewed.

  • Notes are classified according to type of notes.

  • A notes type can be changed. There is an option to resolve a note, if the problem depicted in the note is resolved.


Click on the “Attachment” to add file, picture, document link to the building element.

Click “Link Document”

In the window that opens, enter a brief title or information about the document in the “Summary”

Upload the file you want to upload by clicking the “…” sign in the “Path” section.

Click “Save” to save.


Select a building element on the project.

Select the “Issue” field.

Click on “New Issue”

Enter your task  title in the “Issue Title” field.

Enter the task description in the “Issue Description” field.

Enter the end date in the “Due Date” field.

In order to assign a responsible person, the user must first be added to the team list.

Select the user from the scrollbar to assign the task to the responsible person from the Responsibles field.

To assign a supplier, select the supplier from the scrollbar.

If you want to assign the responsible for the quality section, choose from the scrollbar.


Editing and closing of tasks:


With “Only Responsible can edit”, people assigned the task can edit the task.

The approval of the quality team is required when closing the task with “QA / QC Verification Reguired”.

Issue status can be changed in the “Issue Status” field.

Comments can be entered while closing the task.

Comments can be added to the relevant task from the “Activity” field.



  • You can add subtask for each selected ıfc item by clicking first “Subtask” button then “Add Subtask”

  • In the opened new panel, the description , material, activity fields are filled. Description files is mandatory and others are optional.

  • When you fill this fileds, then click the “Save “ button to save.

  • Subtasks activity ID can be different and its progress can be monitored independent of the system

Custom Set

You can view the created Custom Set list by pressing the “Custom Set” filed.

When you click “Select Set”, the IFC Detail Panel opens on the right. You can add notes and documents of the set in the opened panel.

In the custom set panel, the elements that make up the set instead of the set can be selected with “Select Element”.


You can create labels for structural elements.

Select the building elements.

Click “Add Tag”.

Enter the tag name.


Click the “Property”  

The property data will be loaded from the original IFC file. Once the property data is loaded, it will be saved in the database of BIMCRONE and will be automatically loaded when the project is reopened.


You can load the material data of the relevant iıfc item by entering the “Materials” field.

This panel show material data of selected/related ıfc element.