Matcher Panel

  • You can match activity and IFC items in this panel.

  • You can search by typing the name of the activity in the search field on the left panel.

  • Search can be made by typing the name of the ifc element in the middle panel.

  • When you click on an activity on the left panel, you can see the Ifc elements matched to it on the right panel.

  • You can move an element you selected in the middle panel to the right panel with “>”; You can reassign an element you clicked in the right panel to the middle panel with “<“

  •  “Show Non-Assigned Only”, IFC elements that are not linked to any Activity are listed

  • Hides ifc elements that are not matched with “Hide Non-Mesh Items” in the list.

  • Added finished items  with “Finishing Task” are listed.

  • “Creation Task”, IFC elements are listed.