Issue Module

How are people assigned tasks?

Select a building element on the project.

Select the “Issue” field from the right panel or objects menu.

Click on “New Issue”

Enter your task  title in the “Issue Title” field.

Enter the task description in the “Issue Description” field.

Enter the end date in the “Due Date” field.

  • In order to assign a responsible person, the user must first be added to the team list.

  • Select the user from the scrollbar to assign the task to the responsible person from the Responsibles field.

To assign a supplier, select the supplier from the scrollbar.

If you want to assign the responsible for the quality section, choose from the scrollbar.

Editing and closing of tasks

With “Only Responsible can edit”, people assigned the task can edit the task.

The approval of the quality team is required when closing the task with “QA / QC Verification Reguired”.


Issue status can be changed in the “Issue Status” field.

Comments can be entered while closing the task.

Comments can be added to the relevant task from the “Activity” field.

Clicking “Issue” on the left panel, you can see all the tasks opened.

You can search on the basis of disciplinary, user and ıssue title.


With “Show My Issue Only”, you can list the tasks assigned to you as QA and assignee.

With “Open / Ongoing Issue”, you can list open and ongoing tasks.

With “Open Issue due Today”, you can list the tasks opened today.

With “Open Overdue Issue”, you can list overdue tasks.

You can sort the ıssue by creation, due date, and responsible people.

ISSUE Change

You can list the status changes in the tasks opened in this panel.

You can select the status from the Issue From-To fields.

You can see the status changes in the tasks by choosing between certain dates.