a) Add Revision

  • You can add your revised project by pressing the “+” sign.

  • If your “Show 3D Model” field is marked, the project you uploaded will appear as Revision on the program screen.

  • For “Removed Items”, a replacement element among the newly created items can be found so that all data pertaining the removed element can be transferred to the newly created item. This is useful when a building elements unique id is changed although the change in the element is minimal. 
  • When “Find Replacement button is clicked a selection window appears. The items can be filtered to enable matching of levels, codes, names and even vertices/volume encapsulated.
  • The changes of the revised project you uploaded are displayed in the panel. You can either accept the changes from the list individually or confirm by clicking “Accept All”.

  • With “Accept Revision”, the summary information about the revision is displayed and the system asks you to accept the revision and create a new name. Then your revised project is uploaded to the program.

  • You can now start working on your revision project.

b) Select Version

  • You can find the revision files and original program files you have installed here.

  • In the revisions in the list, you can access information about the revision with the page icon on the right.

  • You can activate the selected project with load icon on the left.