IFC List

  • You can see a list of all the elements in the project in the IFC list

  • You can turn elements on and off with a check mark in the list.

  • You can filter the project elements with the “Filter” property.

  • In the filter panel, project elements are filtered according to IfcCode,

    ElementName, ElementLevel and activity ID”.

  • To see the filtered items in the ifc table, select the items you want to filter and click the “Filter” button.

  • Ifc data with “Export All” and “Export Filtered “ you can save the data in csv format.

  • With “Open Filter”, you can open the filter screen again.
  • Click screen icon to select the desired IFC item.

  • Click loupe icon to zoom in on the desired IFC item.

  • Note: Since the empty fields in the element name, element level, activity ID field in the filter panel are mandatory, these empty fields appear in the result of the filter when any filter is made.