IFC Format

IFC format 2×3 Coordination View 2.0

We recomend you to check Split Walls, Columns, Duct by levels

If exporting from revit, checking Export Revit property sets will enable Revit calculated property data to be present in the IFC file, which can later be imported using load properties button

Warning: IFC files do not contain linked Revit models when exporting a Revit host model with linked Revit models to IFC. Because, Revit cannot export a federated model, which would contain all of the data in one IFC file.

Using the standard IFC Export, Revit will not include linked models.

To export the full model:

Open the current host model and use Save As to make a copy of it.
In the copied file, select each link and choose to Bind it to the host model.
Export the full RVT model.

Note:  In order to avoid issues with binding a linked model do the following:

Audit and Purge the model and try to investigate and clean all warnings before actually starting the binding process. 
Export all warnings during the binding process. This will allow to find and check all issues after the models are united.

Note: Analytic nodes seems to be deleted due to element incompatibility, but none of your data is deleted, ids are assigned to nodes and do not appear in the system.

Warning: If you get the warning that appears in the picture, do not worry, it is not important in terms of coordination. Deletion of analytical nodes does not prevent coordination since no static calculations are made.