Support file formats

Primavera, Revit, Excel, MS Project etc. integrate file formats into the program.

Import Cost, Quantity and Schedule data

Upload your cost, schedule and quantitiy data to the program or start working. Also export the data you created in the program.

Import Property and Materials

Integrate your items in the project, such as area, volume and material, into the program.


Change Status

Update the status of the elements during the project process. Observe the correct data of your project.

Save a Notes

Record notes on project items by type. Make it easy for important information to reach everyone with saved notes.

View Summary Information

Track the changes made about the project elements from the summary panel.


Quickly filter the project elements to make your processes easier and save time.


Upload your project revisions to the program. See the changes taking place. Archive your old work. Continue your project over your new work.


Update the Cost

Determine your cost items. Update cost data according to changes.

Add New Quantity

Enter data such as height, width, and quantity for a new element and automatically calculate your total cost.


Add Activities

Upload your existing schedule data or add activities to create a schedule. Edit schedule data at any time.


Match items and activities and create schedule plan.

Add Subtask

Ceate sub-tasks belonging to the elements and add them to their activities.


Generate Reports

Report the progress on the project. See status changes during the project, notes you recorded, cost and quantity data, and their impact on the project budget by creating an automatic report. Save reports as pdf.


Compare and analyze your planned and actual plan. Observe the activities that cause your delays. Simulate your actual plan. Import shedule update


3D Simulation

Simulate the project in 3D. Structure your camera positions and light settings and evaluate your project from every angle.

Screenshot (463)
Real-time Animation

View the actual status of your project and visualize in 3D how your project will progress based on schedule data. Browse through the project with First Person View.

Show Status

View the status of the building elements in the project in 3D. Find out which element is in which process.