Cost List

  • It is possible to see all cost items defined in the project with the tables menu.

  • You can add a new cost item with the “+” in the upper right corner.

  • You can add the new cost item with the “Save” button by filling the required fields in the panel that opens.

  • At this stage, you can choose the currency unit registered in the system from the dropdown panel.

  • You can export / import the cost data  Import uploads the cost data to the program in xlsx and csv format.

  • Export of  the cost data to the program in xls and csv format.
  • You can update saved cost data from “Edit”

Excel Format Content

– For Transfer in “.xlsx” Format:
  • Excel table cell headings should be “ID,Description, Unit, Price, Currency, PriceDate, Supplier, CostItemNotes ”.

  • “ID,Description, Unit, Price, Currency” fields are required.

  • The date format “PriceDate” in the Excel file must be the same as your selection in the “Preferences > Date Format for Import” field in the BIMCRONE program.

  • Your Excel file may contain formulas, there is no problem during loading into the program.

  • You can upload the prepared excel file in “.xlsx” format to the program “Data or File > Import/Export”.

  -For Transfer in “.csv” Format:
  • Prepare your Excel file according to the above-mentioned features.

  • Upload the prepared file to the program in CSV UTF-8 (Comma separated) format