Cloud Collaboration

  • Cloud collaboration is a way to share computer files using cloud computing so that documents are uploaded to a central “cloud” for storage where they can be accessed by others. It enables to work together. 
Follow the steps below to work together:

-For create new project:

  1. To work in the cloud, select the “Import New Project on Cloud” feature in the welcome screen.
  2.  Enter your organization name.
  3.  Create project name 
  4.  Add the ifc file to the architectural data section.
    Note: If you are going to upload multiple ifc files, make sure that your ifc files are in the same folder on your computer. You can then upload this ifc files to the architectural data section.
  5.  Click to “Create” 

-For Recent Files:

  1. Your project files in the cloud located here.
  2. Other people’s project files in the cloud are located here. 
  3. Project files in the cloud appear as “projectname”. You can continue working by selecting one of the files here.

Cloud Collaboration: 


    • Cloud collaboration will allow more than one person to work on projects saved in the cloud, at the same or at different times.


    •  Click on the person icon in the profil panel. Then, while working on the project, click “Offline”  in profil panel to see your changes to others.


    • The button will appear in green when you start “Online”.


    • All updates to the project are automatically made every 5 seconds.


    • You can download the files added to the building element by clicking on the link. The downloaded files are saved in C: \ Users \ yourname \ AppData \ LocalLow \ EpicroneTechnology \ BimCrone \ yourusername \ yourprojectname \ Docs.


    • You can close the project by “Don’t Save”. Your updates are saved automatically.