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Whar are BIM Levels?

With Building Information Modeling (BIM), we talked about preparing the digital twin of the goal, the building, and keeping it alive. There are two different categories for the differences in BIM states of companies and projects, sizing and leveling. I will cover the topic of size in another post, this post is about leveling.

So what is this leveling issue?

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM), aims to monitor the process of building from the idea to the demolition stage digitally. In this process, many different data need to be produced and managed.

Robotics in Construction Industry

Today, developments in robotics, software and technology cause the use of robotics in the construction industry.  Robotic technology provides many advantages to the construction industry. It is used to automate processes, increase productivity, perform works faster, cheaper and with precise details.

Recent Construction Technology Trends

The rapid development of technology is felt in the construction sector just as it is felt in many areas, and the resulting development causes changes in the construction sector to occur along with it.