BIMCRONE Quick Start Guide

System Requirements:

User Guide

1. Welcome Screen

To start working on the BIMCRONE application;

  • Log in with the username and password set for you.

  • Choose “Create New Project”

  • Do not use signs like “! ^ – * & ^ + / _ #” while filling in the “Organization Name, Projection Name” fields.

  • Select the file containing the “IFC” format data to be pulled into the project from the window that opens with the file selection button in the “Architectural Data” field

  • “Schedule File / Cost File / Qty Breakdown File / Quantity Data File” fields are optional, you can also upload within the program. Please refer to the user manual for the content of data in “CSV” format to be uploaded.
Note: If the date format of the csv files to be imported is different from the system format, you can change it with “Import Files Date Format”.

2. Main Screen

You can carry out work related to your project on the main screen. The usage method is explained with the short explanations below.

    • Menu> File; You can save your project work with “Save Project”. The system automatically records every 5 minutes. With “Close Project”, the working screen is closed and the welcome screen is opened again. You can use the “Exit” button to exit the program. You can open projects with “New Project” and “Open Project” and work on two projects at the same time.
    • Menu> Edit; From the “Preferences” area, you can set the general program settings, filtering and ifc settings.
    • Menu> Insert; If you have not uploaded your data on the welcome screen, you can upload your Cost, Quantity data in csv format and your schedule data in csv or xml formats.
    • Menu> Data; In the menu that opens, you can see the data you have loaded with Insert in a table and edit with “Edit” in the tables. With the “Matcher Panel”, you can make your business plan activities and building element mappings or view existing ones.

    • Menu> Reports; For project tracking, you create reports suh as status, notes, quantity and status changes
    • Menu> Help;“About” contains information about the program. With “Quick Start” and “User Guide”, you can access documents for program use. With “Show Main Log”, you can access the error info and loaded information about the program.

IFC Details Panel (right panel): You can access all information about the selected building element in your project here. You can review and add abstract, coloring, group / tag adding, design features (in IFC file), notes, associated files, materials and sub-tasks. You can access the quantity and, if any, cost information of the construction element from the “Quantity” field on the panel.

Tools (left panel): You can make filtering, camera settings, light settings, reporting, group and tag lists from this panel.

Time Schedule: The simulator that allows you to animate your project in 3D according to your work plan and the actual situation is located at the bottom of the screen.