BIMCRONE is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.
All stakeholders manage,report and view as 3D the projects in the building sector from a single platform. It helps to make timely decisions by providing up-to-date data about the project. BIMCRONE increases quality and efficiency by preventing cost, resource and time losses of companies.


Reducing Cost

With its colloboration, planning, managing and monitoring abilities, BIMCRONE reduces expenses upto 20%

BIM Level 3

BIMCRONE is a solution that serves at the BIM 3 level with the ability to access the digital content of the construction from a single environment. With its mobile application, it provides instant retrieval of construction site data and integration of all data with cloud infrastructure.

Saving Time

Reporting actual and planned with full details and comparisons. Effective communication with each disciplines.

Better Visualization

From work plan, architectural plan and quantity data on a single point to the project life cycle to progress efficiently, create change management, resource management and project management from single point data.

Team Collobration

Enabling integrated construction management on a single platform compatible with the other software being used most commonly across the industry.

Life Cycle Data

BIMCRONE allows companies to monitor and forecast all phases of the construction process from end to end.

Plan, Design,

BIMCRONE aims to make a difference in construction projects and to offer new features that will provide practical benefits to our customers. BimCrone makes changes in your project goals much easier and ensures your project runs smoothly by detecting errors in advance

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